JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Features Extremely Effective Class IV Laser Therapy!

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Doors at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy proudly features the versatile and efficient Class IV laser therapy! Using laser technology plays an important role in the rehabilitation process of any injury and we are the ONLY physical therapy clinic in New Jersey that offers this incredible equipment and treatment service to our patients!

The LightForce therapy laser by LightCure is labeled as Class IV technology, meaning that it facilitates the fastest and most efficient treatments in penetrating deep muscle tissues. This state-of-the-art technology creates patient specific programs and tailors to the needs of patients with any type of injury. The intelligence of Class IV laser therapy is unmatched and cannot be found anywhere else in New Jersey. The software in the equipment adjusts to the needs and unique characteristics of every single patient as height, weight, injury site, and skin type are all taken into consideration when the treatment is being administered. And once again, we are the only physical therapy company in the state of New Jersey to offer such treatment!

Laser Therapy has numerous clinical benefits. It offers faster treatment times, can be used as an alternative to surgery, is a non-invasive method for recovering to full capacity, and has been proven to work, scientifically. Class IV laser offered by JAG-ONE Physical Therapy cannot be compared to other Class I, II, and III lasers due to its unique ability to treat both superficial AND deep tissue conditions. This type of treatment works well for all muscle injuries but is exceptional in the treatment of hamstring pulls/tears, elbow, wrist and shoulder pain resulting from golf and tennis, along with most types of tendonitis and soft tissue injuries. Chronic conditions, acute conditions, and all types of post-surgical pain can be treated through use of the highly potent Class IV laser.

At JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, we are thrilled to be able to utilize Class IV laser technology to provide our patients with the highly efficient, highly effective treatment they are looking for.