JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Keeps Up With The Industry’s Latest Innovations

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Young baseball player sliding onto a base

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, under the direction of owner John Gallucci, Jr., takes the latest innovations in physical therapy, training and medical advances very seriously.  The JAG-ONE Physical Therapy team believes strongly in education and informing its patients of the latest advancements.

That’s why a recent article in the New York Times caught the eyes of the JAG-ONE Physical Therapy staff.  The article, which can be found here, shows the New York Giants are not resting with their recent Super Bowl trophy.

The report explains how the New York Giants have taken a page out of the Manchester United soccer club’s playbook and are wiring up players (by utilizing GPS and laptops) while using new testing procedures to determine how much energy a selected Giants player has exerted and how quickly he is recovering.  It is a new tool to help the trainer and coaches determine how much, and why or why not players should be pushed in practices.

“I am impressed with the many things that the Giants are doing with technology,” explained Gallucci.  “As Medical Coordinator of Major League Soccer, we have seen that teams and leagues need to continue to utilize the latest technology.  Obviously, many things start in the professional ranks, but as competition gets tougher on all levels, everyone needs to look at new ways to help athletes.”

As athletes and individuals continue to search for more answers, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy will pass the information onto its patients while integrating the best practices into our business.