Prevalence of Fall Sports Injuries – Get Back in the Game at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy

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physical therapist examining child bandaged knee

Well at this point, the summer vacations are a distant memory and the kids are back to school.  This means we all get some normalcy to our schedules.  STOP!!! NORMALCY???????  What’s normal about the fall sports season?  Everyone is in full throttle and working hard each and every day.  No matter what sport you or your child plays, everyone is training and playing hard but, the most important thing is to prevent an injury and stay on the field.  Every year at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy we see an influx of sports injuries in the fall season. These injuries can occur from a collision, ramping up too quickly or simply from overuse.  Although JAG-ONE Physical Therapy holds numerous prevention of injury clinics throughout the year, athletes still get hurt.

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and nutritionists can assist you to get back on the field as quickly as possible.  Many professional, semi professional, college and high school athletes from around the country have recovered from their injuries with the guidance of our staff.  We believe in a functional return to activities.  Our staff has worked with NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, Olympic and US Federation athletes under the guidance of nationally recognized sport medicine physical therapist/ athletic trainer, John Gallucci Jr. Recognized by the top orthopedic hospital in the country, the Hospital For Special Surgeries Rehabilitation Network, the JAG-ONE Physical Therapy team is continuously put through the rigors of providing continued cutting-edge sports medicine techniques.  JAG-ONE Physical Therapy’s clinical staff stands alone with its innovation and return to sport rehabilitation protocols.

On any given day, you can see athletes from the NHL rehabbing next to a high level high school athlete, not only being motivated by the JAG staff, but being motivated by each other.  We utilize the latest technology such as the Lite Cure Laser for treatment of tendonitis, bursitis, and lateral epicondilatis and our brand newALTER G treadmills to assist you in regaining full function with walking and running to get you back on the field quicker and fitter.  In addition, our concussion return to play protocol with the utilization of our Biodex Balance Master assists in the safe balanced return of your concussed athletes.

Our all-star staff uses this cutting edge technology to keep our athletes competing.  Our goal is to keep you playing and free of future injuries.  Let us help you “GET BACK IN THE GAME OF LIFE”!