ACL Prevention – Get More for LESS

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X-ray of a pained joint in the knee

The LESS (Lower Extremity Strengthening System) is a tool used in Physical Therapy to measure not only improvements made after ACL reconstruction, but also for prevention of future and/or potential injury. Combined with an ACL injury prevention program, the LESS can help create specified programs for athletes most likely to have ACL injuries (soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse) giving them the tools and knowledge to make them a more balanced athlete. While a strong lower body is important for ACL prevention, it is also recommended to target the core muscles and their connection to the lower body. These strategies will help create balance between the upper and lower body when improper footing and outside force from another player might otherwise cause harm to an athlete’s lower leg. A program combing strength, power, balance, and flexibility can help you reach this goal.

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