Sex with Back Pain

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner here are some tips to prevent low back pain when being intimate:

  • Determine with your partner what positions are more comfortable for you, whether it be a position in which your spine is flexed or extended. Consider daily activities in which you feel more comfortable. For example, are you more comfortable in the standing or seated position. After determining that, determine which sexual positions will be the most comfortable for your partner and yourself.
  • Communication is key!
    • Communicate with your partner in regards to the most comfortable and pain free positions for both of you. Through communication you will be able to find positions that will put you at the least risk of injury or pain later on.
  • Laying on your back and utilizing pillows for back or hip support
    • Towel or pillow can be placed under your low back for lumbar support
    • Pillows can be placed on the outside of knees for hip support
  • Stay flexible and strong
    • Implementing a simple stretching, core and leg strengthening program may reduce the risk of back pain during intimate moments. Begin with a low impact strengthening program and gentle stretching program under the guidance of a medical professional.