John Gallucci, Jr. Quoted on over Head Injuries Across All Sports

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Pitcher throwing a curveball

Concussions: head injuries happen in more sports than football

by Chris Hunn

Football has been hit by the concussion concern harder than any other sport.

A study released last year by the National Academy of Sciences found that concussion rates in high school football were significantly higher than that of any other high school sport.

But what about those other sports?

As reported by athletic trainers, the rate for concussions in high school football is 11.2 per every 10,000 “athletic exposures.” That’s almost double the rate in college football. Boys’ lacrosse has the second-highest rate at 6.9 and girls’ soccer was third with a rate of 6.7. The study collected data for 12 high school sports, but did not include ice hockey.

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