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Woman holding her painful hip

John Gallucci, Jr, founder and president of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, recently contributed a blog to the STOP Sports Injuries blog. STOP Sports Injuries was initiated by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) in early 2007. STOP stands for Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention. The goal of the blog and the organization as a whole is to raise awareness and ultimately reduce overuse and trauma injuries in youth sports.

5 Ways to Make Cheerleading Safer

The competitiveness and intensity of cheerleading has increased over the years requiring more athletic skill. Because of the nature of the sport, various injuries can be suffered. Some of the more common injuries seen are ankle, knee and hip due to the landing of the flyers however that doesn’t mean that neck and back injuries don’t happen and aren’t just as much of a concern. Neck and back injuries can result in permanent disability which is why safety in cheerleading is vital. The following points are five ways for safer cheerleading participation.

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