Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

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woman running on outdoor trail in spring

As the weather gets warmer, getting outside to get in a great workout isn’t as hard as it was during the winter. What most people don’t know is that sticking to the same exercise routine day in and day out actually leads to less physical results. This spring, along with your regular spring cleaning, take a little time to clean up your workout routine so that it is safe, effective, and easy to change up when the time is right.

Look Great (And Remember to Warm Up)

A safe workout entails a proper warm up, cool down, and caution throughout the workout. Make sure that you are wearing the right shoe for the workout you are doing to avoid injury. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in and a material that isn’t too heavy.  Feeling comfortable will help you to focus on your workout rather than the discomfort of your attire, so spring clean your workout clothes to stuff that you feel good in.

Warming up is just as important as the workout itself. A proper warm up is vital for injury prevention, so make sure you are adding it to your new and improved spring workout routine.  Check out our tips for an effective warm-up created by the physical therapists at JAG, so that you are guaranteed to have a great (and safe) workout.

Injuries are a surefire way to stop your workout habits, so make sure you use caution throughout your workout. While it is okay to push yourself when working out, never do anything that causes you extreme pain or stress. Know your body’s limits, and allow yourself time to rest if you start to feel overwhelmed. The last thing you want to do is go overboard during your first workout and then be unable to work out the rest of the spring season.

Have an Effective Workout



A safe and effective workout that will not lead to injuries or pain down the road. It is very important to consult with a physical therapist before starting a fitness routine, or when deciding to change up your routine, because they can guide you with the best possible workout. They will assess what your body can handle in terms of weight, and help you to develop a plan for achieving your fitness goals.

Switch It Up!


Out of your Comfort Zone

Even if you had a great workout routine you practiced all winter, it might not be as effective as you may believe. When working out, your body eventually gets used to the same workout routine day in and day out. By switching things up on your body, you can maximize the results you see. Experts typically recommend changing your workout routine every 6-8 weeks. Easy ways to change up your routine are to emphasize the workouts that you feel typically weak doing. By focusing on your weaknesses for the majority of your workout, you will eventually see greater full-body results.

Listen to Your Body


cover pain


If your workout still challenges you and you are seeing consistent results, then stick with it. But, it is important to listen to your body, so if your workout is getting boring or your results are tapering off; change it up! Feeling sore after a new workout is normal, but if you are consistently feeling sore and tired after a workout, you are most likely overtraining. Exercise is supposed to give you energy, so listen to your body and give it some rest.

We hope that a spring cleaning of your workout routine leaves you feeling energized and motivated throughout the rest of the year. Good luck and happy spring!