Lift Like a Girl: Why Weightlifting Should Be a Part of Every Female’s Workout

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Woman lifting weighted barbell

Contrary to popular belief, weightlifting isn’t just for men who want to look bigger and bulkier. Although weightlifting has been synonymous with beefy and bulky guys who spend half their lives in the gym, more women are taking to the sport because of the many benefits it provides. If you’re thinking about adding some weightlifting exercises into your gym routine, consider the benefits you’ll receive from doing so.

Weightlifting is Good for Managing Stress

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A recent study suggests that as little as 15 minutes of exercises each day can reduce someone’s risk of cancer and add an average of three years to his or her life. While traditional exercises like running and biking can help you achieve that daily goal, researchers have also found that strength training is the best way to manage stress. Adding some resistance-training exercises into your routine will also help alleviate boredom at the gym. Running on a treadmill can lead to mental fatigue – and stress.


Weightlifting is More Effective at Losing Fat

Running on the treadmill for hours at a time might make you feel like you’re losing the pounds, but you’re likely spending more time and energy than you need to achieve your optimal weight goal. The fact is women who lift weights won’t increase their muscle size much unless they have a program specifically tailored for it. You don’t have to fear bulking up; you’re just improving your muscle’s density and strength when you weightlift. And guess what: Muscles burn fat! The cardio vs. weight training fat loss debate is never ending, but the latter definitely helps with shedding weight.

Weightlifting Helps You With Your Curves

Not only does a solid weightlifting routine help you lose fat, but it also helps you tone your body so your ‘features’ become more accentuated. Before committing to a routine, talk with a personal trainer. The way you lift and how much influences the results you’ll see. To avoid excess muscle in parts of the body you don’t want, make sure your weightlifting routine is tailored to your individual goals. Many women love working out their gluteus maximus muscle. There are plenty of exercises you can do in the weight room that will help you sculpt the perfect butt.

Weightlifting Helps You Sleep Better

Weightlifting and a good night of sleep work hand-in-hand to help you feel – and look – better. The more physical strain you put on your body, the more your muscles and nervous system will need to recuperate. The added stress that weightlifting puts on your muscles and nervous system allows you to sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time.  Of course, sometimes it’s not possible for you to get the required seven-to-eight hours of sleep each night to help your body recover. If this is the case, remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking a short nap during the day before or after weight training. Either way, weightlifting will help with your beauty rest.

Weightlifting Opens Doors and Presents Opportunities

While weightlifting can help transform a woman’s body and make her feel on the top of the world because of it, picking up a dumbbell on the other side of the gym can also help you meet people you never thought you would. Networking with other weightlifters is a great way to learn tips and sharpen your routine. And hey, if you’re looking for love, it beats finding prince charming at the local bar. There are plenty of good-looking guys who – obviously- love to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle eager to strike up a conversation after a hard workout in the weight room.


As much as the treadmill has become your comfort zone, there’s nothing wrong with stepping to the other side of the gym to try your hand at weightlifting. Before taking that step, though, remember to receive some guidance as to which exercises to perform, how to do them, and with how much weight. This is important to make sure you’re maximizing your workout while avoiding injury.