4 At-Home Exercises For Snow Days

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Mom stretching with her daughter on yoga mat at home

While snow days are great for relaxing, they can also be great for getting into better shape. The holiday weight gain that many experience can be mitigated just by exercising a bit each day. Snow days are perfect for this as you will have the time and energy to exercise. The following are some exercises and things to do from the comfort of your own home during the winter or anytime during the year.

Jump Rope

While many people think that jumping rope is just good for the legs they don’t know that it is also an incredible ab and core workout. This is because the entire body is used in this motion and the balancing/coordination it takes triggers the core muscles. A great way to get the heartrate up while jump roping is incorporating interval training into a workout. For example, if you are jumping rope then go a minute on and a minute off. Of course many won’t be able to go full speed for a full minute but it will get the heartrate up regardless. Smaller intervals of higher speeds and heartrates will not only hit your aerobic system but also delve into your anaerobic system as well, as your oxygen in your blood is depleted. There are heavier ropes available which can help build muscle as it can be used for 15 seconds on and 15 off. This would be beneficial to those who compete in sprint events in certain sports.

Invest in a Heavy Bag

Anyone who has spent even 3 minutes hitting a heavy bag knows that it gives a great workout. The power that can be gained from using a heavy bag regularly is immense. The aerobic and anaerobic workout that can be had just by hanging a bag up and punching/kicking it is amazing. During a snow day you will be going stir crazy a little after lunch so why not get out some excess energy/aggression while also getting an amazing workout. Powerful punches use the core as it connects the rotating puncher from their waste to their shoulder then ending at the hand. Although the first two exercises sound like you will be watching Rocky sometime in the near future, boxers train doing these things daily because they are effective.


Having indoor stairs at an apartment can be a blessing and a curse. During snow days the stairs can give a great workout in a variety of ways. Obviously running up and down the stairs can be a great workout. A good plyometric workout would be to jump up the stairs one by one or however many you feel comfortable doing. Weights can be added to this to make it more difficult. Lunges can be done upstairs with weights or weight free to tone the glutes and hamstrings. Use caution as people coming in from the snow might leave the stairs wet, so make sure everything is dry before you start your workout. Falling down the stairs could have you sidelined from exercising for a large amount of time.

Do a Power Hour

This might mean something very different to people who were in college during the last decade but the principle is the same. There are numerous power hour music mixes on YouTube that incorporate most musical tastes. This can turn a workout into a circuit training type atmosphere that is on a minute interval. Alternating exercises that concentrate on different parts of the body can give a full body workout. For example, you can go through a process of 4 exercises at the rate of 1 per minute. The first minute would be pushups, the second crunches, the third squats, the fourth medicine ball tosses. This will keep your heartrate up for an hour or however long you choose while hitting the entire body. If you are a beginner then choosing a time less than an hour is recommended.

Keeping your summer body in the winter isn’t impossible, especially if you have the tools to work out at home. Write down your workout plan for the week and post it somewhere in view, as this will help you hold yourself accountable. Just having workout plans in your mind doesn’t do the same job as you can see it as well as others. Working out doesn’t have to involve going to the gym and sometimes it can mean just exercising at home. Whatever your fitness goal, try these out on your next snow day.