JAG Gift Guide: 6 Must Haves for JAG Patients

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Presents siting on a table

The holiday season is just around the corner, and by the time you read this, the shopping craze might already be fully underway. Before running out to pick up more gifts, check out this gift guide that we’ve put together for the physical therapist patient in your life. Not only will these gifts be great for your loved one to utilize in unison with their treatments they receive at JAG, but they’ll also be great to have as they continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great tools to have at home, and make a great gift to anyone who is active. Our team uses foam rollers to help release tight muscles and trigger points. The foam roller can also be used for balance and core training exercises. Be sure to look for a roller with EVA closed-cell foam, which will extend the life of your roller significantly instead of having a flat piece of foam after a few uses.

Body Glide

Sure it may have an odd sounding name, but Body Glide is one of the coolest new products in the sports and fitness world. This balm that applies similar to a stick of deodorant is designed to be applied in places where chafing and irritation occurs during activity. The Body Glide forms a dry, invisible barrier that will never feel wet or greasy like Vaseline. Body Glide makes a great stocking stuffer for the runners and walkers in your life.

QALO Rings

Whether you just tied the knot this past year, or it’s been a few decades of pure wedded bliss, the QALO ring for athletes allows active husbands and wives to show their devotion to each other without putting those priceless wedding rings at risk of breaking or getting lost. Developed by rock climbers who continued to damage their wedding rings, these 100% medical grade silicone weddings rings have become a hit in the active lifestyle community. If your husband or wife hits the gym regularly, or participates in other activities where their ring may be removed, get lost, or end up damaged, a QALO comes in a variety of colors that every couple is sure to love.

UThermic Coldscreen

Think back to when you were little, and how many layers your mother would make you dress in before going out in the snow. Sure it was fine to go make a snowman or a snow angel, but mobility wasn’t much of a priority. For those runners who insist on putting in their miles outdoors, even in the colder days of winter, Coldscreen by UThermic is the solution. Just lather on some Coldscreen throughout your body, and head out into the elements. Coldscreen provides up to 4 hours of warmth depending on activity level and ambient temperature. Learn more about Coldscreen here.

O2 Trainer

While physical therapy and training focuses on the muscles, bones, and ligaments throughout the body, one of the most important, and overlooked, parts of the body are the lungs. With the O2 Trainer, developed by MMA trainer Bas Rutten, your inspiratory muscle endurance is improved over time by utilizing the breathing mouthpiece that slowly reduces the amount of oxygen as you adjust different endcaps. When the mouthpiece is used in unison with cardio, it forces the lungs to work a bit harder to draw in the amount of oxygen needed.

Goggles & a Speedo

The Speedo is optional, but for patients who are recovering from an injury, swimming is one of the best low-impact activities that can be done to keep the body in strong physical condition. A good pair of swimming goggles revolves around one thing, comfort. Here’s a list of some of the most popular makes and models in the triathlon racing community, so you know they’ll be comfortable!

We wish all of our patients, families, friends, coworkers, and partners a very happy holidays from all of us at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy. Have anything else to add to the JAG Holiday Wish List? Leave it in the comments below!