Tibial Stress Syndrome

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Lacrosse players run on average between 3-5 miles in a typical game. A common overuse injury for athletes that engage in sports that incorporate a lot of running is tibial stress syndrome, or shin splints. Spin splints occur when the muscle pulls away from its attachment to the tibia (shin). When the muscle is not fully attached to the bone, it is not able to absorb the force from the ground and now the bone becomes the primary force absorber.

Shin splints may occur due to poor biomechanics, flat feet, improper shoes or playing / running on hard surfaces. Pain is normally felt in the lower part of the shin, most times on the inside, during activity. If not properly addressed through rest from activity and physical therapy, shin splints may progress to stress fractures which will prevent the athlete from playing lacrosse for about 8-10 weeks depending on severity.