Upper Leg Contusion

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A quad contusion, or bruise, is a result of direct impact to the muscle. Lacrosse is a very physical sport, many times, player-to-player contact causes contusions, the player comes into contact with the goal post or is hit with the ball. A direct blow likely causes broken blood vessels causing blood to pool in the area of the bruise. Quad contusions can be quite painful, and for the most part are most often mild-moderate in nature. Although sometimes, the contusion can be severe causing myositis ossificans, which is when bone is formed in the muscle.

It is important to follow the RICE protocol of rest, ice, compression and elevation after injury. Ice will help stop the blood flow to the area and decrease blood pooling to the area. Gentle stretching should be incorporated to maintain flexibility of the quad. If the athlete has developed myositis ossificans, it is important to pad the area with return to sport as a second impact to the same area needs to be avoided to ensure proper healing and decrease the risk of making the injury worse.