How to Get Back on Track with Diet and Exercise

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Diet and Exercise Tips to Get You Back on Track

Exercising and maintaining healthy eating habits should be part of everyone’s daily schedule, not just forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Promoting good physical and mental health is essential to your general well-being, however it’s understandable that your health streak may get interrupted from time to time. The last thing you want is to get caught in a rut of living an unhealthy lifestyle. There’s no telling where within the year chaos and stress may flare up again, but you must gather all of the will-power to fight against the bad habits that could result. If your health-oriented routines have met an unsuspected halt, then today is the day to make a change. Here are some health and wellness tips to help you get back on track with your diet and exercise routine.

Set Realistic Goals

You’ve probably heard this tip a hundred times, but it really is the most important first step towards remodeling your diet and exercise plan. A healthy lifestyle is not hard to accomplish and doesn’t have to be such an intimidating collection of words. All you have to do is set realistic goals for yourself that can be achieved through your hard work and dedication. Don’t select goals that aren’t feasible or won’t show clear signs of improvement. The results should only reinforce your ambition toward an ultimate goal of consistent health habits. What are the red flags? Don’t set weight goals or force yourself into dieting plans. Take your time to carefully map out a blueprint that works for you that consists of baby-step milestones to reach your end goal.

Learn from Your Past Experience

What went wrong in the past? What threw your health and wellness routine out of sync? Whatever the answer may be, make a conscious effort to reverse and avoid what that cause may have been. The best advice is to look at the big picture. Where do you see yourself given a certain timetable? Don’t look at your health hiccup as a mistake, think of it as an important learning experience towards your ultimate goal. Do what you can to renew your motivation towards maintaining the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for – even if that means seeking help from others. Learning from the past will help you make the necessary adjustments to avoid temptation and maintain healthy eating habits.

Set Up an Efficient Exercise Routine

Setting up a workout routine that works for you is a large part of getting back on track with diet and exercise. The main goal here is to be active everyday. Get back to the basics and don’t overwork yourself to the point where your workouts aren’t enjoyable. In the event you can’t make it to the gym, don’t stop moving! The extra exercise will help burn calories and defeat boredom eating and stress triggers.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating is arguably the most important aspect of rewriting your health and exercise plan. You’ll want to watch what you put into your body and make efforts towards a healthier you. Remember not to deprive yourself. Dieting does not mean to eliminate food entirely. Significantly cutting back on food or vital nourishment is equally as detrimental as binging unhealthy foods. Your body won’t have any sustenance to work with to metabolize, create energy or promote a healthy lifestyle. Remember to avoid punishing yourself with a strict diet that you know you won’t enjoy or commit to long-term. Try out some new recipes, find healthy alternatives, and drink a lot of water!

The Infamous Cheat Day

You must learn how to resist temptation, but don’t forget it’s ok to treat yourself from time to time. Everyone has a tendency to cheat a little throughout his or her dedicated diet and exercise plan. Save one day every month for a cheat meal. This prolonged period of waiting time will make that meal taste even better than it ever could have in the past! Don’t forget your limitations and lifestyle goals – but in the meantime, bon appetit!

Stay Positive

Stay positive throughout your endeavors! A positive attitude will help you find motivation and surpass any moments of struggle you may come across. This will help you avoid slipping into bad habits and make a successful transition into the healthy lifestyle you’re looking to accomplish.

Health and Wellness Advice in NY, NJ & PA

Getting back on track with healthy eating and exercise doesn’t have to be intimidating. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is happy to offer your health and wellness advice to create a happier, confident and healthy you! Contact a JAG location near you today for experienced advice and so we can help you towards a healthier lifestyle. For more information about JAG PT, please feel free to view our services and blog for more health tips.