The Worst Injuries For Your Fantasy Football Team

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doctor holding stethoscope to football helmet checking for concussion

September is here, which means a lot of different things. Fall is around the corner, school is back in session, and football is back. With the NFL season gearing to kick off on September 6th, millions of people across America are getting ready to spend their time tweaking and tinkering with their fantasy football lineups. With every fantasy season, a slew of injuries always occurs and leaves owners worried and anxious. While bumps and bruises won’t bang up your team too much, there are a few football injuries that could keep your first round draft pick sidelined for quite some time, or even for the rest of the season. Here are some that may have you scouring the waiver wires for a replacement:

Torn ACL

Whenever a player goes down holding their knee, especially with no contact, there’s a collective gasp from the stadium, commentators, and everybody watching at home. They immediately fear one of the worst and most common injuries in football: a torn ACL. The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is the primary stabilizer in the knee. A great deal of stress is placed on the ACL because it is the main ligament used when performing quick motions like cutting, stopping, and changing direction. The initial injury makes a popping noise and is typically followed by a great amount of pain. For athletes, after an MRI, reconstructive surgery must be performed on the knee if they hope to return to play. Even with surgery, your fantasy player will be out of commission for at least 9 months and will require months of physical therapy before they are able to return to the playing field. Any leg injury has the potential to change a player’s season, but if your fantasy player tears his ACL, expect him to be sidelined for the season.

Fractured Vertebrae

Fantasy stars like Tony Romo and Cam Newton have suffered from this potentially career-ending injury and were able to continue their careers, but it didn’t happen overnight. If your player suffers from a fractured vertebrae, expect them to miss the rest of the season. Unfortunately, if certain vertebrae are fractured and the spinal cord is damaged, it can cause paralysis and loss of feeling which may not just end a player’s season but can also end their career. Even if a full recovery is possible, it will take months or even years of hard work in physical therapy. In this case, you’re usually better off searching for a replacement player.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are suffered by players of all positions every year, and have an average healing time of six to eight weeks, not including the time it takes for rehabilitation following the injury. If your fantasy player breaks their finger, they can make a full recovery within a few weeks, but it’s not always that simple. Breaking larger bones, such as the tibia or the femur, can cause some gruesome looking injuries and can take anywhere from a few months to a full year to recover. Surgery and physical therapy may also be necessary to help the player return to full form. If your player suffers a broken bone, it’s important to monitor his progression. If it’s a major bone, like the femur, you should begin looking for an adequate replacement.


Concussions have been making waves in the NFL, creating rule changes and studies involving CTE. Any damage to the brain is certainly nothing to take lightly, especially for somebody whose career involves so much head-to-head contact. Concussions can be tricky, especially for fantasy owners, as each concussion is unique in nature and can take anywhere from a few days to a few months or years to recover from. It can be especially frustrating for fantasy owners because concussions are treated on a week-to-week basis, making it difficult to create a definitive line up. Even after the player is cleared, they may not be the same player as they return to the field. At the very least, it’s important to monitor the news on your concussed player.

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