Meet the JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Team

JAG-ONE Administrative Staff
Brian Cuomo,
Diane Ofriel,
Corporate Consultant
Ellen Galanaugh,
New Patient Coordination Manager
Jeff Pino, 
Regional Office Manager
Laura Mendez,
Office Coordinator Gerritsen Ave
Marguerite Filocamo,
Medical Records Coordinator
Maryanne Ventimiglia,
Senior Financial Analyst
Melissa Youngs,
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Michael Mauro,
Marketing Manager
Nicholas Liveris,
Stephanie Lynch,
VP of Administrative Services
Susanne Sparacio,
Medical Records Coordinator
Terry Licata
Corporate Controller
Jill Chami
Jill Chami
Human Resources Manager
Jonathan Vnenchak
Jonathan Vnenchak
Operations Associate
Amy Oliver
Amy Oliver
Marketing Associate
stephanie checchio
Stephanie Checchio
Executive Assistant
melissa cascia
Melissa Cascia
Practice Manager