a man sitting at his laptop holding his wrist in pain
Have you experienced a numbness or tingling feeling radiating through your arms and hands? If this feeling has persisted for a number of months and gotten progressively worse, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS. Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when the median nerve in your wrist becomes pinched. CTS is commonly caused by
a man holding his elbow in pain
Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is the most common diagnosis in people seeking medical attention for elbow pain. Because tendons heal slowly, the healing process can take several weeks, months, or years. However, with early diagnosis and treatment by a physical therapist, the time frame where pain is experienced can be shortened. Causes of Tennis
Winter is officially upon us and with every winter comes one thing: injuries. During the long months of winter, thousands of people suffer from different injuries every year. What’s more is that many of these injuries are entirely preventable. Whether you’re an athlete or not, injuries can strike at any moment if you’re not prepared.
Office woman sitting at her desk feeling her back pain
  Back pain – the dreaded condition that just doesn’t seem to go away. Unfortunately, your home remedies to relieving back pain may not be doing the trick. Back pain is irritating, but you must not get discouraged by incessant reoccurring issues. After tireless efforts, a positive mindset, and good intentions, it’s important to understand
A large group of marathon runners competing in a race
Congratulations! You’ve just finished signing up for your local 5K run! With excitement and anticipation flowing through your veins, you just can’t wait to put on your best pair of running shoes. Similar to how an athlete must train for the upcoming season, a 5K participant must season their body so they’ll be able to