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Concussions: head injuries happen in more sports than football by Chris Hunn Football has been hit by the concussion concern harder than any other sport. A study released last year by the National Academy of Sciences found that concussion rates in high school football were significantly higher than that of any other high school sport.
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Soccerex Americas Forum: reflections from Barbados By Ian McPherson The first Soccerex Americas Forum opened on the idyllic island of Barbados on Tuesday with a presentation by Concacaf president Jeffrey Webb before a day of discussion covering tourism, finance, medical treatment and club ownership. The day’s debate began with opening remarks from Richard Sealy, the
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BY SIMON EVANS (Reuters) – FIFA's new plans for dealing with concussions have been criticized by some in the United States for not involving an independent medical inspection, but Major League Soccer's medical chief believes team doctors should be trusted. The proposed protocol from FIFA states that when a suspected concussion occurs, the referee should
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REMINDER: Today at 1 p.m. ET/Noon CT Physical Demands of the Athlete and the Rest-to-Work Correlation Tune in: NSCAA.com/live |  Submit a Question |  Add to Calendar Dr. John GallucciMLS Medical CoordinatorPresident, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy In promotion of the 2015 NSCAA Convention and select clinicians’ sessions, MLS Medical Coordinator Dr. John Gallucci will participate in a three-part Hangout series discussing topics related to the