Physical Therapy in Kings County

Physical Therapy in Kings County

With over two million residents in the Brooklyn borough, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is proud to offer fifteen locations to meet the diverse needs of the Kings County community. Since 1898, Brooklyn has been an exciting, inventive, and populous region in New York City, offering residents and visitors alike a plethora of activities and sights to take in. Our certified professionals at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy are dedicated to improving your joint health, fitness, and overall mobility through comprehensive services provided at each of our Kings County locations!

Physical Therapy Services in Kings County

With the help of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, athletes and patients can have confidence in their ability to improve their mobility with care provided by one of the top-rated physical therapy services in the tri-state area. While we offer sports medicine and occupational therapy services, we additionally specialize in rehabilitation for individuals in need of general orthopedic care and those who have suffered from a soft-tissue injury. At JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NY, our certified trainers and therapists use a combination of several methods and therapeutic techniques to ensure the highest quality care to members of the Kings County community.

Kings County Sports Care

As Brooklyn is home to a vast community of athletes, our certified trainers and orthopedic specialists are experienced in the treatment of many sports-related injuries, whether they do or do not require surgery. When patients arrive at one of our facilities, they can expect to experience FCE Testing, or a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine the extent of the injury and the best treatment plan. Each of our JAG-ONE Physical Therapy facilities invites athletes to participate in the L.E.S.S. (or Lower Extremity Strengthening System) Program, used to assess, treat, and prevent sports injuries of the ankles and knees. We also offer treatment via the Golf Fitness Program, tailored to the needs of both amateur and pro golfers alike. This unique service is used to establish the balance and flexibility of the athlete, and to prevent future injury through professional instruction. Within the fast-paced Brooklyn borough, our trustworthy teams of professionals at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy are here to guarantee the safety and recovery of our neighborhood athletes.

Rehabilitation and Post-Operative Care in Kings County

With the use of comprehensive rehabilitation and post-operative services, we work to help our patients recover from injury as safely and fully as possible. Specializing in cartilaginous, skeletal, and muscular injuries, the orthopedic specialists of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy are equipped to address the unique needs of our patients through methods like electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and medical massage. Both our new and returning patients trust JAG-ONE Physical Therapy specialists to stand by them throughout every step of the recovery process.

Physical Therapy Near Me in Kings County

With multiple locations across the Brooklyn borough of Kings County, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is readily available to address your individualized needs. Don’t miss another minute of city life and all the exciting action that Brooklyn has to offer! Contact us today and discover even more reasons why you should make JAG-ONE Physical Therapy your primary athletic training and physical therapy provider.