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Union County Physical Therapy

Union County is located in the northeast region of the state of New Jersey. Comprised of populous towns such as Union, Elizabeth and Summit, Union County is a great location for New Jersey residents who crave close proximities to the big city and relish in the beauty of suburban neighborhoods. Union County is home to both Union County College and Kean University, providing affordable, public higher education options to New Jersey students. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy aims to provide our services in some of the top locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, so that we are able to best serve our communities with highly rated physical therapy care. Located in Union County, residents have access to our facility in Union, New Jersey.

Athletic Training in Union County

When seeking an athletic trainer in Union County, you want to ensure you are working with a trainer who is certified and experienced. The athletic trainers at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy go above and beyond the certifications and trainings required by the state to ensure they are always providing cutting-edge care. An athletic trainer in Union County is ideal for athletes who need care for overuse injuries, strength building, prevention of injury, and concussion care and/or education. Athletes who are proactive about their body’s health in Union County will be able to stay in the game longer and remain more competitive throughout their careers.

Nutritional Services in Union County

Do you need a nutritionist in Union, New Jersey? JAG-ONE Physical Therapy proudly offers nutritional consultations from our Union County facility. Stop participating in fad diets and unsatisfying restrictions to meet your health goals. With the help of a nutritionist in Union County, you will have a better understanding of the types of foods you should be eating regularly to attain your health goals. Working with a nutritionist is an excellent way to achieve your goal weight safely and effectively.

Fitness Services in Union County

Starting a new workout program without the proper guidance can lead to injuries. When you get a fitness plan from JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Union County, you can rest assured that our accredited trainers will guide you through a workout plan that will be safe, and most importantly, effective as you work to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Union County Injury Prevention

Injury prevention techniques will keep you in the game longer than your competition. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy offers injury prevention services for everyone from athletes to the elderly. Injury prevention techniques are catered to each individual and involve strength training exercises and education around keeping your body safe and injury free in Union County.

Contact JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Union, New Jersey

Stop by JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in our Union County facility today to learn more about how we can help you get back the life you love. We are conveniently located at 2360 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ, 07083. Call us at (908) 206-1700 to discuss your injury or ailment, and to schedule a consultation. You also can contact us online to hear back from one of our representatives. We look forward to serving you in Union County.