Physical Therapy in Mercer County

Mercer County, also known as the “capital county,” houses Trenton, the capital of New Jersey. Mercer County is a center for both culture and commerce as well. It hosts a diverse group of residents and includes thriving local businesses. Mercer County also is home to several of the country’s top educational institutions, most notably Princeton University. Rider University, The College of New Jersey, Thomas Edison State College and Mercer County Community College are located in Mercer County, too. Beyond education, Mercer County is known for its easy access to major metropolitan areas, as well as its historical sites. In order to serve the population of Mercer County with top physical therapy care, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy has a facility in Princeton, New Jersey.

Athletic Training in Mercer County

If you are an athlete in Mercer County, then you are in luck! JAG-ONE Physical Therapy provides some of the top athletic training in the country by certified athletic trainers, who work to help athletes get better, faster and stronger. We will teach you the techniques you need to prevent injury, condition your body and increase agility during the season and in the off-season.

Physical Therapy Services in Mercer County

Physical therapy is one of the top methods for reducing pain and recovering from any sort of injury. Whether you were in a car accident and are experiencing pain, got injured during the big game or are recovering from a painful surgery, physical therapy can help you heal. We will use proven medical techniques that work to strengthen the affected area and get you back on your feet in Mercer County – better than ever.

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Are you interested in getting back the life you love? JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Mercer County is committed to helping our clients live their best lives through a wide range of services and programs in Mercer County. Stop by our Mercer County facility at 221 Rockingham Row, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540. Or give us a call at 609-580-1520 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you in Mercer County.