Physical Therapy in Middlesex County

In North Central New Jersey you will find Middlesex County. Middlesex County is home to 25 unique communities full of diverse history and culture. Over 830,000 residents in Middlesex County enjoy the vibrant restaurants, parks, sports and educational facilities in the county. Middlesex County has three universities, including the popular New Jersey institution, Rutgers University. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is proud to promote health and wellness in this area by serving our friends in Middlesex County with a wide range of physical therapy services.

Athletes in Middlesex County

Athletes who live in one of the towns or surrounding towns of Middlesex County have access to the top physical therapists in the tri state area. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy has a variety of programs specifically designed for the athlete. Our popular Return to Sport program in Middlesex County allows athletes to safely recover and get back in the game as soon as possible. Athletes in Middlesex County may also be interested in our Video Gait Analysis which allows runners to improve their speed and reduce injury. With wide array of athletic training services in Middlesex County, athletes are well taken care of by the JAG-ONE Physical Therapy Team.

Rehabilitation in Middlesex County

Following any serious injury or surgery, the most important part of recovery is your rehabilitation plan. If you were injured or needed surgery in Middlesex County, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy can ensure you have the smoothest and strongest recovery possible. With the right post-operative care, you will feel stronger than you did pre-surgery, and have the amazing support system JAG-ONE PT offers.

Health and Fitness

Look your best in Middlesex County with the help of our incredible supplementary health and fitness services. The JAG-ONE PT team can help develop a safe exercise plan that you can stick to if you are looking to achieve a healthier and stronger body. We also offer other health and fitness programs such as injury prevention, postural analysis, proper body mechanics, strength and range of motion, and group fitness classes.

Contact JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Middlesex County

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy has two conveniently located facilities within Middlesex County. Our Woodbridge facility is located at 10 Woodbridge Center Dr. Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095. Our Old Bridge facility is located at 254 Texas Rd, Old Bridge Township, NJ 08857. Contact your nearest JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Middlesex County to schedule a consultation and get back the life you love.