Physical Therapy Monmouth County

Monmouth County is located in Southern New Jersey. Home to expansive parks, over 50 miles of the state’s top beaches, top-rated golf courses and historical sites – there is something in Monmouth County for everyone. Monmouth County also is home to several educational institutions, including Monmouth University. With such a large population to serve, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy proudly operates one of our state-of-the-art facilities within Monmouth County, in Holmdel, New Jersey.

Common Injuries in Monmouth County

Are you suffering from an injury in Monmouth County? Common injuries, such as a shoulder dislocations, sprained ankles and back or neck injuries can be extremely debilitating when it comes to completing everyday tasks. The physical therapists at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Monmouth County have extensive experience treating several common injuries in people of all ages. They work to help reduce pain and increase strength in the affected area.

Monmouth County Athletic Training

Monmouth County produces some of the top athletes in the country. For high level athletes, making sure your body is in top condition should be a high priority. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Monmouth County offers athletic training services designed to help athletes reduce their risk for injury, build strength and increase agility and flexibility – all key to top performance as an athlete.

Individual Post-Rehabilitation in Monmouth County

Done with physical therapy? It’s great that you made it through your program! But the work doesn’t stop here. Individual post-rehabilitation in Monmouth County is a custom program designed for people who want to continue the progress and strength-building they developed throughout physical therapy. This is ideal for injury prevention, exercise and strength/conditioning of the body in a safe space.

Is Physical Therapy in Monmouth County Right for You?

If you are suffering from an injury, chronic pain, are unhappy with your health and body, or have an upcoming surgery scheduled, then yes, physical therapy in Monmouth County is right for you. There are endless benefits to physical therapy, as it treats the root cause of your pain or injury, rather than putting a Band-Aid on your problems while those issues get worse.

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If you have been bogged down by chronic pain or an injury, then the time is now to get back the life you love. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Monmouth County is here to help you regain strength and stop living in pain. With expert physical therapists, services, and a variety of programs for adults, the elderly, children and athletes – JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is for everyone. Our Monmouth County location can be found at 2107 Route 35, Holmdel, NJ, 07733. Call us today at (732) 856-9791 to schedule a consultation.