Physical Therapy Morris County

Morris County is located in the Northern New Jersey region. Known for its high-performing schools, affluent communities and engaging athletic programs, Morris County is a highly sought-after place to call home. Residents in Morris County have access to gorgeous parks and recreational programs, and easy transit options to the rest of the tri-state area. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is proud to offer a facility within Morris County, in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey.

Treatment for Common Injuries in Morris County

Whether you are dealing with pain due to arthritis, a dislocated shoulder, back pain or a sprained ankle, the experts at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Morris County are prepared to help you recover and gain strength after a common injury. Rather than masking the pain with harmful painkillers and potentially causing more damage, the experts at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy ensure that patients receive safe and effective care that solves the root of the injury, while also providing pain relief. We work to avoid the need for surgical procedures for common injuries. However, we also can help our clients recover and gain strength in the event that they do need surgery to deal with a severe injury in Morris County.

Expert Physical Therapy in Morris County

The primary goal of physical therapy is helping the patient feel pain relief in whichever area of his or her body is causing concern. Rather than masking the pain, physical therapists in Morris County work to solve the underlying issue with strength-building exercises, and guided stretching and massage. These various techniques create a stronger body that is less susceptible to injury.

Post-Operative Care in Morris County

There are some cases of a serious injury or extensive pain where surgery is necessary. The surgical process is important and necessary but your recovery plan following your surgery will guide how quickly you get back on your feet. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy offers post-operative care in Morris County, New Jersey to make sure our clients receive the top rehabilitation and care following a surgery. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy will help you build strength and agility so that you can return to living your life the way you want to.

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JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is proud to offer all of our physical therapy programs and services within our Cedar Knolls facility in Morris County. Residents of Morris County have access to the top physical therapy services on the East Coast, thanks to our commitment to helping our patients get back the lives they love. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and to learn more about how JAG-ONE Physical Therapy can help you.