Physical Therapy in Ocean County

Ocean County in New Jersey is one of the most coveted counties to live in the state of New Jersey. Home to the gorgeous Jersey Shore, residents of Ocean County always have a piece of paradise just around the corner. Residents of Ocean County have access to Philadelphia, New York City, and various parks, attractions and recreational activities. With so much to do and see in Ocean County, it is no wonder that it has been one of New Jersey’s fastest-growing counties since the 1990s. In addition, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is located within Ocean County, providing top-of-the-line care to residents in this area.

Common Injury Treatment in Ocean County

One of the most popular reasons clients come to JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is because of an injury. There are so many common injuries that both children and adults are bound to suffer within their lifetimes. Instead of taking a painkiller and ignoring it until the problem is way worse, come see a physical therapist for proper treatment. Our physical therapists treat all of the common injuries people in Ocean County experience, from back and neck pain to sprains to arthritis. We work to discover the root of the problem, and then use impressive techniques to help lessen pain and restore mobility. If you have a common injury in Ocean County, schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Physical Therapy in Ocean County

Physical therapy works to restore mobility, increase strength and reduce pain in the body. This is achieved through manual adjustments, massage and targeted strength-building exercises, in addition to other techniques readily available. Physical therapy in Ocean County is often the preferred treatment of choice because it works to get patients back to their regular lives and activity levels, rather than masking their pain. It also is often utilized instead of surgery, or to help patients recover from surgery quicker.

Ocean County Athletic Services

Athletes in Ocean County should know that JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is home to certified athletic trainers. Our certified athletic trainers understand the stress and pressure put on an athlete’s body. Therefore, we can work to make the body stronger and less susceptible to injury. Our athletic trainers speak to teams and coaches to educate them on concussions, sport-specific injuries to look out for and important off-season training plans. To get an edge on the competition, athletic training is absolutely vital.

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Ocean County, NJ

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy in Ocean County is ready to serve anyone dealing with an injury, rehabilitation or looking to get healthy. Our team is skilled in all of the cutting-edge physical therapy techniques that make a huge difference in recovery time and long-term outcomes. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is located in Brick, NJ. Contact us today to get started.