Physical Therapy in Somerset County

Somerset County is a beautiful place to live in New Jersey. Known for its beautiful farmland, historic sites, lush green forests and tons of shopping and dining options, residents of Somerset County enjoy their gorgeous county. Somerset County is home to Raritan Valley Community College, as well as several of the nation’s finest educational institutions for children and teens. With a strong reputation for excellence, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is proud to have a facility in Warren, New Jersey, within Somerset County.

Physical Therapy Services in Somerset County

Curious about physical therapy in Somerset County? Physical therapy is an excellent choice if you are injured or have chronic pain. In physical therapy sessions at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, a licensed physical therapist will determine the root cause of your pain or injury, and use a variety of techniques to help relieve pain and build strength in the affected area. Rather than using painkillers to mask the pain, often while the injury gets worse, physical therapy addresses the issue head on so that patients leave feeling stronger and healthier in Somerset County.

Postoperative Care in Somerset County

If you have a surgery coming up, your postoperative care plan is often just as important as the procedure itself. Discuss your postoperative care plan with your doctor and see if JAG-ONE Physical Therapy may be able to help. Our specialists will work to reduce your recovery time and get you back on your feet, stronger than ever, following an operation.

Prevention of Injury in Somerset County

Designed specifically for athletes in Somerset County, our prevention of injury program is a proactive method for strengthening athletes’ bodies in order to reduce injuries. This program is vital for athletes who want to hone in on the stresses they are putting on their bodies and enable them to train more efficiently and safely.

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Located at 34 Mountain Boulevard in Warren, NJ, 07059, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is easily accessible to residents throughout Somerset County. To schedule an appointment, call us at (908) 222-0515 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and working to help you get back the life you love.