Photo by Jeffrey Auger. Petro Was Formally Honored at NJYS Awards Dinner Presented by RWJBarnabas Health East Windsor, N.J. (Feb. 18, 2019) ― New Jersey Youth Soccer recently hosted its 31st Annual NJYS Awards Dinner presented by RWJBarnabas Health, where many players, coaches and members of the soccer community were celebrated at the Pines Manor
a man holding his elbow in pain
Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is the most common diagnosis in people seeking medical attention for elbow pain. Because tendons heal slowly, the healing process can take several weeks, months, or years. However, with early diagnosis and treatment by a physical therapist, the time frame where pain is experienced can be shortened. Causes of Tennis
Winter is officially upon us and with every winter comes one thing: injuries. During the long months of winter, thousands of people suffer from different injuries every year. What’s more is that many of these injuries are entirely preventable. Whether you’re an athlete or not, injuries can strike at any moment if you’re not prepared.
Runner with Shin Splints
via Emilia Benton | Greatist Whether you’re a nine-time marathoner or brand-spankin’ new to the sport, few aches and pains stop you in your tracks (literally) like shin splints. The term “shin splints” refers to lower leg pain below the knee, either on the front part of the leg or on the inside. Shin splints often
Ridge High School Student Athletes with JAG-ONE & Valerie Fund Staff Members
Student-Athletes at Ridge High School in conjunction with JAG-ONE Physical Therapy participated in their third annual fund raising event to benefit children of The Valerie Fund for the holiday season.  The Valerie Fund serves to provide support for the comprehensive health care for children stricken with cancer or blood disorders.  This year members of the
a patient's foot being taped as part of physical therapy treatment
Injuries are a large part of any sport. As much as athletes try to avoid injury, accidents do happen. Sports injuries have prevented many athletes from practicing, playing in games, and have even ended careers. Physical therapy helps athletes to reduce pain, improve their overall health and fitness, and prevent recurring injuries. At JAG-ONE Physical