If you’re an avid or even just a recreational runner, chances are you’ve experienced an injury of some kind in your day. But outside of common running injuries like runner’s knee, stress fractures, or plantar fasciitis that can keep you sidelined, there’s also a slew of annoying and often painful symptoms many runners experience that are less-known and rarely talked about. We’re talking about things like a
John Gallucci Jr. Joins Schwartz on Sports Podcast
JAG-ONE Physical Therapy CEO, John Gallucci Jr., MS, ATC, PT, DPT sat down on Peter Schwartz’s podcast “Schwartz on Sports” to discuss injuries in youth baseball athletes and his most recent co-authored book, Play Ball: Don’t Let Injuries Sideline You This Season. Click Here to Listen to the Podcast Feature!
doctor holding stethoscope to football helmet checking for concussion
September is here, which means a lot of different things. Fall is around the corner, school is back in session, and football is back. With the NFL season gearing to kick off on September 6th, millions of people across America are getting ready to spend their time tweaking and tinkering with their fantasy football lineups.
JAG-One Physical Therapy
Woodbridge, N.J. (July 31, 2018) – One on One Physical Therapy and JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, leading providers of outpatient orthopedic physical therapy services, today announced that they have come together as a single platform. The formation of JAG-ONE Physical Therapy, led by three of the nation’s most accomplished physical therapists, John Gallucci Jr., Chief Executive Officer,
woman receiving physical therapy for the shoulder
Have you ever thought about how much work your shoulders actually do for you? From lifting to reaching, to holding and carrying, our shoulders are one of the hardest-worked parts of our body – which makes them susceptible to injury or discomfort throughout our lives. The shoulder is very complex, as it’s home to a
woman exercising during pregnancy
Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. For mothers, however, it’s also one of the most difficult and physically taxing times. Pregnancy takes a toll on the body, causing back pain, aching feet, and tired legs. Physical therapy during pregnancy can help alleviate these issues and help you