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Sometimes life makes you take a step back in life. If you've suffered a brain injury, stroke, or other neurological conditions, JAG-One is here to provide you with the penultimate of care and treatment at several of our New York and New Jersey locations. Appointments can be made at:

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy focuses on aiding and maintaining an individual’s ability to complete everyday activities (for those who struggle with such activities for a variety of reasons). Through strategies of assessment and intervention, occupational therapists work with those who need assistance, and help them to develop or maintain everyday skills. Occupational therapy is common for individuals with disabilities or impairments or those who have experienced an injury. Working with an occupational therapist can help children and adults participate in the things they both need and enjoy to do, making daily life easier.

Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational therapy that involves work with children usually focuses on helping them thrive when it comes to regular childhood activities (such as playing or interacting with others their age). It can also focus on school performance for children who struggle in school, as well as their daily activities. Although children do not have “occupations” in the traditional sense of the word, this form of therapy can be life-changing.

Adult Occupational Therapy

For adults, occupational therapy can focus on countless skills and areas of life, from activities of daily living to basic motor skills. Individuals who struggle to complete any kind of task can benefit from occupational therapy, creating an individualized treatment plan based on a patient’s goals and needs.

Hand Therapy at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy

JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is also proud to provide the services of Certified Hand Therapists at our occupational therapy locations. Certified hand therapists are occupational therapists who specialize in aiding those with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. Hand therapy can be beneficial for anyone whose hands have been affected by an accident or trauma that has left them with fractures, wounds, scars, burns, injured nerves, or other negative effects. Hand therapy is also an option for amputees who have lost fingers, hands, or arms.

Aside from helping those with hand injuries complete daily tasks and activities, hand therapists can help with management of pain and swelling after an injury and can aid with care of scars. Hand therapists also work with those whose hands are impacted by conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and more. The hands are essential when it comes to completing activities of daily living and feeling independent, so if you have suffered an injury to the hands and are having trouble re-adjusting to life, hand therapy may be a great option for you.

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