Schroth Method Physical Therapy in NJ, NY & PA

Kerry Clancy PT, DPT, Schroth-Barcelona Certified

What is The Schroth Method?

Schroth Therapy is a specialized Physical Therapy treatment for patients with Scoliosis and other spinal deformities (such as kyphosis and Scheuermann’s Disease). The Schroth Method aims to improve posture with a program consisting of hands-on treatment, muscle activation technique, stretching and strengthening that is highly specific to each patient’s individual spine.

How does Schroth Therapy differ from traditional Physical Therapy for scoliosis?

Traditional Physical Therapy attempts to treat a patient’s scoliosis based on a C- or S-curve classification, which unfortunately does not address the three-dimensional nature of this disease. Schroth Therapy, however, aims to improve posture from all three planes of motion. This is achieved by first elongating then de-rotating the scoliotic spine. Your Schroth-Certified Practitioner will conduct a thorough examination of your X-ray and your spine, prior to constructing an individualized treatment plan that will work best for you.

Do you accept my insurance?

YES! Unlike most Schroth-Certified Therapists in New Jersey, JAG-One Physical Therapy is In-Network with many insurances.

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