Sports Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Athletes

Injuries are a part of sports. As much effort athletes put in to avoid injury, eventually, someone will go down from one. If an athlete is hurt and trying to get back to the game they love, the experts here at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy can help get them there! JAG-ONE Physical Therapy has some of the top facilities and programs crafted specifically for athletes to get back on their feet and back in the game. JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania’s top physical therapy center,  specializing in sports physical therapy.  We have been helping athletes return to their sport for years. Here are just a few services that JAG-ONE Physical Therapy offers to help athletes recover, and most importantly, return to their sport safely.

Our Athlete Rehabilitation Programs include

1.) L.E.S.S. (Lower Extremity Strengthening System). The LESS Program is a program to help set a safe base to help prevent injuries in the lower extremities. Most athletes deal with any combination of ankle and knee injuries. With the LESS Program, the staff at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy will be able to help evaluate and treat these injuries, as well as explain how to prevent them in the future.

2.) Golf Fitness Program. There are two parts to the program. The first part tries to evaluate how a person swings the club. The way a person swings may or may not contribute to injury and/or problems down the line. If there are any faults in the swing, the staff at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy will find them and correct them before they cause any harm. The second part of this program includes treatments designed to maximize the body’s potential to avoid future injury. This includes reducing or eliminating soft tissue restriction, maximizing flexibility, and improving the patients overall balance.

3.) The Graston Technique. This technique uses instruments to assist soft tissue mobilization. This is done in an effort to speed up the recovery of the athlete. It locates and addresses the affected adhesions, soft, and scar tissue among other restrictions in the body. By decreasing the tensions in the affected area, the technique can help with the recovery time of the patient, as well as reduce the amount of medication the patient may need during and after their recovery time. When used in a combination of therapeutic exercises, the program can be very effective.

The staff at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping patients achieve their physical goals and can help them with a fast and safe recovery. Athletes looking to address their injuries safely, and efficiently, are highly encouraged to participate in our Return to Sport program. Contact a JAG-ONE Physical Therapy near you to get started!

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